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    You did our carpenter ant issue which was getting disturbing... They were appearing big time in certain rooms... my daughterís bed and... fiercely from under kitchen baseboard. We have 5 cats and a dog... and as instructed all disappeared for 6 hours... With the pets it was no easy task. We were ready for you and moved and cleaned around all outer perimeter indoors so your technician could do his thing properly. I was told by you and the technician... it could take a couple weeks before we see results (since I showed him a video from my phone of the major activity of the one area of ants that was crazy from the kitchen baseboard). Well... I have to say that it took 2 weeks before I saw a lone ant... AND THAT IS IT! I was worried for the pets to return after spraying... all pets have been fine with no issues whatsoever. I was so very impressed and did not expect such great success so quickly. We can all sleep better and donít have that... itchy feeling anymore!! Thank you and will definitely recommend Aaanteater anytime!

    Thank you for your help. Your employee was extremely professional in handling our request and has put my mind at rest. Thank you again and we will keep your company on file for future use or recommendation.

    I just wanted to say I was so pleased with the service and attention I received from Aanteater Pest Control came to check on a possible rodent problem at my home. The technician, was so patient with me, he gave me lots of helpful information and was very thorough in inspecting and with the placement of deterrents.
    I would highly recommend this company, I was really happy with the excellent service I received.
    Mrs P.T

    We have previously used your services for Carpenter Ant Control and Mice. Yikes!! Always, great service. Never had a repeat "critter" show up.

    I would like to commend you on 2 wonderful employees. During a very stressful time and one day post vacation (I now need another), I thought we had bed bugs in our home. My first contact was with the office person on the phone who was both knowledgeable, kind and reassuring-perfect for the front line. My second contact was with technician who spent time answering my many questions, and educating me further on bedbugs, he inspected all the rooms in our home and showed me what to look for in the future. What I actually had caught in my little ziplock bag was a tiny stripped beetle, similar in shape, size to a bedbug, for the identification and peace of mind Mike brought was incredible. Thank you very much, I will recommend you in the future.

    "You can imagine my fear and panic when I opened the basement door to find an intruder in my home. A bat to welcome the top of the morning to me. Screaming as I quickly ran up the stairs saving the cats feeding downstairs, I began to call for help to remove the unwelcome pest. The staff at Aanteater were most helpful with advice and the right words to calm my nerves. The invader hid himself and so I thought as per the advice found its way out so at the time I didnít follow through on service offered. The invader must have invited his family to come and see, before I knew it I had been plagued with 5 more reoccurrences. Fearful and unable to relax, when matting season was over the experts from Aanteater came down to remove the pests. They were most understanding, accommodating, thorough and they gave me back my confidence to live relaxed in my own home. I feel as if they installed a protective bubble around my home and a great many months now thereafter, I have no more unwanted company. I would feel very safe and confident to call on the great staff to take care of any future needs I have. Great Job, thanks so much for the peace of mindÖpriceless."

    "We at Korol Contracting are very happy with the work perform in our office/warehouse by Aanteater Pest Control. Since the first visit we havenít have any problems with any type of insects or rodents. The people from Aanteater are very knowledgeable and are happy to answer any questions. The visits are always booked with days in advance so we can schedule on the days were we are less busy. Aanteater keep up the good work."
    Korol Contracting

    "I have used Anteater for the past several years with great results. Roger is always prompt with his response and thorough with his actions and advice."
    Mike Sands
    Facilities Supervisor
    City of Hamilton

    Proud Member
    Structural Pest Management
    Association of Ontario
    Ministry of the Environment
    Bonded & Insured The National
    Pest Management Association

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