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    Spider Extermination

    St. Catharines Pest Control and Wildlife Services Specialize in Spider Extermination.

    We believe the best solution to your spider problem is a two-step strategy: prevention and extermination. Our effective and eco-friendly spray application can ensure these nuisances never bother you again.


    Spiders often enter into the home through crevices in windows, doors and even vents. Make sure your doors and windows are tightly fitted. If you notice any cracks or gaps, we recommended having them filled immediately as this will prevent future spiders from entering the building. Webs should also be removed, so as to deter spiders from re-entering, and to aid in the process of spider-proofing your home.


    The second step to a permanent solution for your spider problem is having your home sprayed by one of our pest control professionals. One of our technicians will spray the exterior of your home, including door and window frames, as well as soffits and along the sill plate of your home. The spray creates a barriers the spiders would have to travel through to enter your home. This will eradicate the problem and ensure spiders will not be able to enter your home.


    Signs of a spider infestation

    The most definitive sign that you have a spider infestation is a presence of spiders and their webs. Spiders are usually found in corners of rooms, closets, boxes, dark crevices, basements, garages and even gardens.

    Different types of spiders

    The most common type of spider you will encounter in your home is the house spider; however, there are many different species of spiders that can be found in residences across Canada. Spiders have a body with two main parts, eight walking legs, as well as six to eight eyes. Spiders are considered arachnids instead of insects because they are wingless, and do not have any antenna.

    House Spiders

    The house spider is one of the most common types of species of spider. These spiders are typically 5-8mm in length, and a grayish-black colour. The house spider has organs for producing silk which can be used for making nests, cocoons for its eggs and even webs to catch prey. The female house spider can deposit about 250 eggs into her silk cocoon.

    Although the house spider poses no medical threat to humans, signs of a spider infestation can be indicative of a bigger pest problem, as spiders prey on other pests and insects. The best way to prevent a spider infestation is to consistently vacuum and/or sweep up their webs, and to ensure all doors and windows (including screens and weather stripping) are properly sealed.

    Wolf Spiders

    The wolf spider is most often found in gardens or lawns. They typically live on the ground in burrows or in leaf litters. These spiders can range in size from 10-80mm.

    Their colours are typically a mixture of browns, yellows, grey, black and white, and they are quite hairy in appearance. Due to their larger size, they can sometimes be confused with tarantulas; however, the wolf spider does not pose any medical threat to humans if bitten.

    Cellar Spiders

    The cellar spider is another common species of spider that can be found in homes across Canada. As the name implies, they are most often found in cellars, but can also be found in basements, attics, sheds and even closets. These spiders can grow up to 25mm in length and its legs can span up to five to six times the size of its body. Bites from cellar spiders are relatively harmless and nonvenomous.

    Brown Recluse Spiders

    The brown recluse spider, or violin spider, can be found in homes across Ontario.

    They are typically yellow-tan in colour and can grow up to 11mm in length.

    These spiders live in tight spaces and can be found in cardboard and even inside clothing and bedding. Their webs can typically be found in cellars, garages, closets, woodpiles and sheds. Unlike most house spiders, the brown recluse spider is venomous to humans.

    Different people have different reactions to a bite, however; if bitten we recommend you see your doctor, as necrosis could occur if left untreated.

    Other Types of Spiders

    Fishing Spiders
    Typically live near the water or in wooded areas. They are similar in size and appearance to the wolf spider. They rarely bite, but it is relatively harmless when they do. It can be equated to a wasp or bee sting. Individuals with sensitivities to spider bites should always consult a doctor after being bitten.

    Nursery Web Spiders
    These spiders are similar in size and shape to the wolf spider. They can jump a distance of five to six inches when escaping predators, and can even walk on top of or dive under water. These types of spiders can most often be found in moist areas such as bushes, grass, fields, meadows, wooded areas and even inside houses.

    Grass Spiders
    Grass spiders are best known for their sheet-like webs. These webs are typically found outside on things such as grass, weeds, bushes and fencerows. In the fall these spiders can be found indoors, as they are trying to find shelter from the colder temperatures. The grass spider can range from 9-18mm in size and their bites are nonvenomous to humans.

    Zebra Jumper Spiders
    These kinds of spiders do not spin webs, instead, they jump to catch their prey. As the name implies, their body appears zebra-coloured. The zebra jumper spider can be found on walls, plants, and fences outdoors, and on windowsills or in the corner behind curtains indoors. This spider is not considered harmful to humans.

    Black Widow Spiders
    The female black widow spider is known for the red hourglass mark on its abdomen. These spiders are clever and build intricate webs to live in and also trap their prey. They can be found in garages, around swimming pools, in woodpiles and even in barbeque grills. The black widow spider is poisonous to humans. If bitten, it is recommended you seek medical attention. In some cases, severe symptoms such as muscle cramps and spasms, high blood pressure, headache, among other symptoms, are indicative of a reaction and medical attention is necessary.

    What do I do if I have a spider infestation?

    If you think you may have a spider infestation the best thing you can do is vacuum up all webs, and ensure all entry points such as doors, windows and vents are properly sealed. The only way an infestation can be eradicated is with an exterior treatment of your home by a pest control specialist. Please do not hesitate to call one of our trained professionals at St. Catharines Pest Control and Wildlife Services at 1-888-390-PEST (7378).

    Remember, minor infestations can grow very rapidly, and turn a small problem into a big one.

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