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    Skunk Removal

    St. Catharines Pest Control and Wildlife Services specialize in wildlife removal and exclusions, including skunks. We believe in employing a safe and humane method to get eradicate your skunk problem. We use the most effective means of exclusion available – a one-way door and steel mesh combo to eradicate the problem.

    If you have a skunk problem you will most likely find them living underneath porches, backyard sheds, decks, concrete slabs and woodpiles. Skunks are known diggers, so these places provide the perfect location for a den site. These areas also provide defense from both predators and harsh weather conditions. To tackle your skunk problem one of our wildlife control experts will come out to your home, inspect the area and provide you with a quote. In order to eradicate the skunk we use exclusion work. The technician would install a one-way door over the hole the skunks have made to get under the structure.

    Whether there were one or more skunks they would all be able to leave via the one way door. It locks behind them and they are unable to re-enter through their original hole. Since skunks are such excellent diggers they could just move right beside the door and dig another hole back under the structure. For this reason the technician will also dig a trench around the structure and attach screen, to ensure that once the skunk is out through the door they will not be able to find another way to re-enter. Once the skunk realizes it cannot re-enter it will move on to one of its other den sites in the area. Skunks tend to keep 3 or 4 den sites at a time in about a 2 mile radius.


    Why not live-trap?

    Live trapping can take weeks to lure in the correct prey, and as a result, it is ineffective. You may trap a squirrel, raccoon, the neighbours cat or even a skunk that is not the one living on your property. It is also more costly as every time the trap is tripped or bait has been eaten or gone rotten, it requires a visit to reset the trap and add more bait. This could go on for a very long time. Live traps can cause unnecessary stress to the animal and can even lead to its death in different situations. Even if the skunk was trapped, we can only transport it up to 1kilometer away from where we trapped it. It is illegal to move it any further. In this case the skunk would come right back and the problem would not be solved.

    Therefore the most effective and humane method to eradicate your skunk issue is through exclusion. Exclusion work ensures that the skunk is evicted from under the structure but also that it or another animal cannot re-enter.

    More about skunks

    Skunks can be found in cities across Canada, the U.S. and even Mexico. The most common species that is found in Ontario is the striped skunk. Skunks are nocturnal creatures so naturally they are most active at night. These skunks can easily adapt to urban environments and can eat almost anything. They prefer to eat earthworms, beetles, fallen fruit, and have been known to eat mice and other small rodents from time to time. Skunks also love to eat garbage. The skunk is typically a shy creature; however, like most animals can become hostile when it feels threatened.

    The skunk is most well known for the pungent odour it emits when it sprays. Skunks will typically only spray (a spray which has a range of up to four meters) as a last resort and in self-defense. Other signs of a skunk being threatened include its hair standing on end, teeth snapping, growling and even stamping the ground – which most often occurs when they are trying to protect their babies.

    The breeding season of skunks is late April through early June, and that is when they can become a nuisance. Kits, or baby skunks, are usually born in May and will stay in the den site for around eight weeks before they go foraging with their mother. The reason being is they are just too weak and inexperienced before this point to survive on their own. The kits then stay with their mother until the next spring, when they become self-sufficient and can forage on their own.

    What do I do if I have a Skunk Problem?

    If you suspect you have a skunk problem on your property please do not hesitate to call St. Catharines Pest Control and Wildlife Services at 1-888-390-PEST (7378).

    One of our licensed and friendly technicians will be happy to inspect your property and give you a free quote. Hiring a professional is your best course of action, as they can ensure the job is done right the first time and that those irritating skunks don’t bother you again.

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